Sunday, October 21, 2007

Teeth Wash

Saturday Foxy went to the vet to get her “teeth washed”. She had some bad teeth and now we have noticed some were loose. We reluctantly put this off due to the fact we did not want her to have to go under general anesthesia. That really scared Joe the most because she is so small and has breathing problems.

At the vet he explained they use a series of shots not anesthesia. The first shot made her very sleepy, we were asked to take her outside and wait for it to take effect. Let’s just say it worked really fast. We brought her outside and she was already standing like the leaning tower of Pisa…then her eyes got heavy and the she fell over.

The second shot was what he called a Valium, and that she would now see “pink elephants” after this shot. He gave her the shot and we were then directed to come back and get her in a couple hours.

After a couple hours we entered the vet’s office again to find that she was o.k. but had to have 6 teeth pulled. Yes he showed us the little bowl full of teeth. Then he brought her out to us… she was absolutely hyper. I was expecting a nice mellow dog that I would have to carry home, but that would be the 3rd shot taking effect to wake her up from the other 2 shots. He stated that she would be acting “drunk” for a while.

As we started to head home she was walking a mile a minute and swaying the whole way. Not to mention she was shaking like crazy. She also had a little trouble doing her business and fell over one time. Yes indeed she was acting like a drunken college student on a Thursday night.
When we got her home we checked out her new toothless grin. Her 2 top front teeth were gone and her 4 bottom front teeth were also pulled. Joe thinks her modeling days are done…but I reminded him that Lauren Hutton had a big gap in the front and she was a good model. Foxy has secretly asked for new front teeth for Christmas though.

The remainder of the day she slept it off and was ready to watch the rugby world cup on TV with us. Since I don’t have American football here I have discovered I like rugby.


Amy B said...

Yeah Foxy! We did that once with Reggie and it was scary. Glad to hear everything worked out.

So does she have to GUM her food or is she now eating pate?

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

foie gras de Bruxelles