Monday, December 10, 2007

Dinner anyone...

Brussels like any other European city has flea markets and antique markets. Joe and I like to spend some Sunday mornings wandering around them and buying junk. After viewing dozens of china patterns over a 1 year and some months has got me to thinking…what if I have a different china place setting for every guest, kind of a mad haters tea party look. As Joe has mentioned it will look like we have no money and can only shop at the goodwill store. Basically my mom just thinks i'm nuts too. When it all comes together they will see how fun it will be.

Well you would think it would be easy to find a dinner and salad plate of the same design that I liked and is moderately priced. Moderately price meaning less then 30 euros for a bunch of random pieces that includes 1 dinner and 1 salad plate. I think it would be out of control or crazy looking to use 1 plate for a place setting or mix and match the dinner and salad plate…don’t you agree?

What I like / want is crazy wild/bold pieces. If I’m going to do this I believe they should all stand out in their own way. The last criteria is it has to have a stamp on the bottom of the plate. Stating something other than made in china. I don’t think this is too much to ask.

Sunday we found 2 different patterns or place settings however you want to look at it. They both came with an assortment of pieces, from 2 different markets. I almost had a 3 setting but as most of you know I have expensive taste. They were gorgeous hand painted and very colorful plates with made in England stamped on the back. When I asked the man “combien” or how much in English for the 2 plates. He replied 40 euros for the dinner and 30 euros for the salad plate. 70 euros!! That is about a $100 dollars with the exchange rate. The man would not even budge on the price and they were the perfect plates!! If I didn’t have 6 (or 12 total plates) more to get I might have paid that price but I can get a good matching set for $100 a place setting at home. I will keep my eye on them and every time we go I will bug him till he is sick of me.

If anyone knows anything about china markings please let me know, I’m just buying what I like and not aware if I’m actually buying a excellent piece that is worth 70 euros.

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