Monday, January 7, 2008

donkeys, horses and ants oh my!

On Sunday we headed to a very small town called Frasnes-lez Anvaing. It is about 10km from the French border and 85km southwest of Brussels.

What did we see there??? We went to Asinerie which is a donkey farm!! It is open every Sunday from 2pm – 6pm and is the only place in Belgium where donkey milk is made.

They also have a boutique with donkey milk plus lotions and soap made with donkey milk. I will let you know how the soap works.

As you can see from these photos I was talking to one guy about getting into my pockets while another one was in the pocket on the other side.

As we were driving through the quite town on our way home, Joe and I saw this man and woman in the distance walking a large dog. As we drove closer they were actually walking a miniature horse!!!! Of course our camera was in the trunk of the car so we pulled over got the camera and did an u-turn.

However it was the back side of everyone so we did another u-turn and asked them if we could take a photo of them…well they brought the horse right into the window that caused Foxy to start barking like a mad dog. I did get a photo of the horse however I wanted them walking with it and I think they thought it was normal to walk a horse down the sidewalk on a Sunday. My made up story is they were actually coming home from the pub with the horse.

This is another thing you don’t see every day…

I believe it is a large sugar cube with giant ants on it. This statue if you want to call it that is in the middle of a round-a-bout going to the small town.

In conclusion for a tiny town it sure has a lot of interesting sites.


Kate said...

Is that donkey on the far left wearing a PINK harness? How cute is that?

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

oui! c'est rose harness...