Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Golden Globes

no comments on this people...just a photo or maybe not

I’m very happy I got to see the Globes this year and at a reasonable hour of the day. I do believe that they did a good job under the circumstances. Usually I only get the pre-show in French on E! which is called Le Tapis Rouge – get it….the red carpet.

The globes are my very favorite awards show. Why?

* It is from the foreign press/having a different view on things

* Combines television and motion pictures in one show

* Just an over all relaxed party mood going on…why would it not be that way with all the champagne and food they are eating and drinking.

* Your never know what’s going to happen…actress getting locked in the bathroom when there name is called. Jack Nicholson all ways adds a little excitement to the mix.

* Miss Golden Globe- this is a daughter of an actor or actress that helps on stage and looks pretty every year. Kind of like a coming out party. This year it was going to be Rumor Willis - Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter.

On the other hand I’m sad that it wasn’t the big production, missing all the gorgeous gowns and after party storied. I also feel sorry for the people that this was there first time getting invited and they didn’t get to go. I can just imagine everyone at home or at a party somewhere watching the awards show it just wouldn’t be the same thing if you won.

This photo is a casual example of winning a globe and being at a party with friends not dressed up. You can see it is just not the same thing...However I would like to thank Kate for giving me my first Golden Globe.

Just behind the big black purse you can see my golden globe award. It is just not the same thing not being all dressed up at an after party with your award.

For me this also means no more Grey’s Anatomy…last week was the first sign over here of the writer’s strike I have seen. I get shows later here due to them adding Flemish subtitles or dubbing over in French.

I think that everyone would have to agree that the writer strike needs to be settled and soon. (But they can cancel the Academy Awards that I don’t need to see a press conference)


Kate said...

I'm having some serious withdrawal symptoms over here without "Grey's Anatomy." Maybe we'll have take our microwave popcorn and sit in the Edith Cavell ER on Thursday nights . . .

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

Sure we could do that...it would be the french version unless we asked them to speak english.