Monday, April 21, 2008

The I can't wait movie

So I was shopping on Nordstrom’s web site yesterday and I saw this purse that I thought was a little quirky and very expensive or else it might be fun to have. However, if I saw someone was wearing it, I would think she bought it in Paris on the street from a vendor that is of course before I saw it on Nordstrom’s. (I don’t think it looks expensive)

Then I was dreaming and wishing that “The sex and the city movie” would come out next year when I’m in NYC so I could see it and maybe have a girls night out. (I hope it is out on video in August when I’m home) Any way here is a photo of what I found…I almost died when I saw the “purse” is in the new movie…how funny is that.

You can see the purse just bearly hanging down by SJP shoes. I would have never noticed it if I didn't see the purse first. Oh and How cute are they (both the shoes and SJP with Chris)

photo from patricia fields website, also on the movie website.

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