Monday, April 14, 2008

Polish Pottery

My friend Anne talked me into a day trip to Nijerk, Holland to visit the polish pottery outlet. I have never heard of polish pottery before but decided I should go and check it out.

Friday Anne and I got on a bus full of 38 other women for a 2 ½ hour drive. During the drive we found out that everyone on the bus loves this pottery, one lady even threw out her corning ware. Suggestions came from the ladies about what we should start with were baking pieces. They are very durable and go into the dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer with out any problem. Well my problem was I looked at the patterns on-line and didn’t like any, they mostly have the bright cobalt blue in the patterns and I’m not a big blue fan.

As everyone stampeded off the bus into the little warehouse, I saw 3 shelving units in the front with a gorgeous pattern on it. The colors were pink, green, black and a little blue with a big pink daisy like flower for the pattern. The sign on the self said “triple the price” naturally they were due to the fact I like that pattern! (Triple the price of the normal outlet pattern example the huge bowl I liked was 80 euros - normal price 26 euros)

I continued through the rows and rows of plates, cups, bowl and serving pieces and saw a pattern that was o.k. I mean I came 2 ½ hours on a bus with 38 chatty women I should get something. Then again if I’m going to get something I should love it. I will have it for years to come, unless it gets broke on the move back home. So I trotted back to the carts in the front for a look again. Then I noticed there was only a huge bowl and small bowl so nothing very practical. I did spy a pattern that I liked on the “double the price” cart and pulled out the pieces I wanted put them on the floor by the register (they are very heavy and nobody else was going for the cart in our group so I was safe to leave them unattended) and got in line with my original salsa bowl and baking dish.

In the end I ended up with a lasagna pan, a couple baking/serving bowls and a salad bowl of the “double the price” goods. Packed up my treasures and loaded them on the bus…headed back in to find Anne in all the madness. Standing back in line with her and the couple serving bowls & lasagna pan she picked out. The other women had carts full of pieces.

We had a bag lunch on the bus then we were off however it was more like 3 ½ -4 hours home due to traffic all the way home!! My pieces made it home all in one piece thank god!

Anne with her box!

After comparing prices with Anne my serving bowls were only 2 euros more than the regular price but the salad bowl was my investment piece.

Yes I’m planning a dinner already where I can use my new stuff.

The lasgana dish - it is also decorated on the outside too. I forget to mention they are all hand made and painted.

The bus only half way was full by the time everyone got there boxes on. (3 boxes deep and 3 high.)


Anonymous said...

I love the pattern you picked out. I have not heard of Polish Pottery either. I'm sure the McCabe's must know about it. Sounds like a fun day. Mom

Kate G. said...

I agree with your Mom--great pattern. All that cobalt blue pottery would have made me very, very happy. But you knew that . . .

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

I told Anne you would have loved all the dishes they had.

Hope all is good.