Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Market

So with a list a mile long of stuff that needs to be done, emails like crazy of people coming over to inspect things on the house and my days in Brussels being very limited…I went to Koln, Germany on Monday. (no Paris but maybe on Thursday cross you finger)
Here are some photos from the Christmas market. I must say it is very different from the Brussels one – I really didn’t think I was going to get anything but I got most of my Christmas shopping done – yup some of you are getting gifts from the Koln Market. I even got myself a little something. To see my little something  click here.

One of the 6 christmas markets in Koln

Part of the old wall in Koln - #5 of the 6 markets

Big Santa with a tree - not sure why a tree

Lunch - yummy potatoes

Goolash in a bread bowl - My shopping partner Lori had this for lunch

I'm a sucker for people begging with animals

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Anonymous said...

What a fun place the market was. You are eating things that I never thought you would order. Potatoes look good, sour cream on top? Mom