Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last Sunday I started out on my drive from Minneapolis to LA with my dog and parents.

First stop was Omaha, it was -25 below with the wind chill. It was so cold that foxy would only go a couple steps out of the hotel to do her stuff. I know she was thinking I thought you said we were moving to a warm place mom.

A very quick stop to see Kate and Anne and my parents visited their friends. Then the fun began, the snow was moving into Flagstaff, AZ which was where we were suppose to spend the night but we tried to make it to Phoenix. I say tired because along the way I got a speeding ticket in New Mexico. Yes me who doesn't speed and follows the rules. This was my very first ticket and I got it for going 45 in a 35 zone but I wasn't going 45 maybe 40. My dad was surprised i didn't get a warning but I wasn't going to argue with the man even though he was wrong.

Then 3 hours from Phoenix we ran into snow/sleet/rain on a single lane highway that was pitch black so we decided to spend the night in Sow Low, AZ. In the morning I had to clean my car off because it was covered in snow. Again Foxy was thinking mom you said warm weather.

Ahhh the last day of driving. It started raining after Phoenix and the traffic was terrible with Semi trucks passing and then spray so bad you couldn't see the road. Then in Palm Springs the high way signs were covered with snow so bad that you couldn't even see what they said. Getting closer to LA we saw that highways were closed due to flooding and snow. Once we go to Valencia/Santa Clarita we found out that the #5 highway was closed just after the exit we took because of snow.

In the morning on every local channel they were talking about the snow in the area. Not to mention Las Vegas. All the mountains around us are covered in snow. Even the mountains behind the hollywood sign.

After 4 days on the road we made it safe and sound to California.


Anonymous said...

Yes the trip was hairy most of the way. Jill did all of the driving, we were just along for the ride. Inspite of the weather we did enjoy the time spent with you and Foxy. Thank you for getting all of us there safe and sound. Love, Mom

Kate G. said...

Glad to hear that you made it safely. We were worried about the weather.

Anonymous said...

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