Monday, December 22, 2008

Manic Monday

hello everyone,
We all made it safe and sound to CA. Since this was us you know there were minor and major problems.

The movers the first day packed up there van keys - so when we get our stuff we will have to keep an eye out for some keys.

Friday when we got to the airport to leave Brussels to come back to the US we had a major problem... US Airways would not accept Foxy to fly international of course they told us this after we were all checked and our baggage was already sent to the plane. After some couple hours of scrambling and some major stress we got a flight. Foxy & I flew Northwest and Joe took the US Airways flight. It wasn't our fault Joe's company booked it through there corporate travel company. We double check when they made the reservations due to not flying them before - and they said everything was o.k. Not sure why they didn't try and call us or contact the travel agent before we arrived and got checked in for our flight...

Tomorrow the stories of driving across the countries.