Saturday, May 10, 2008

A fair

Today on Joe’s drive back from the airport, he noticed that on General Jacques there was a brocante. Upon further inspection, on our way home from getting groceries I noticed it was some kind of Fair.

A couple years ago my dad was set on going to the renaissance fair in Shakopee. So my mom and I gave in and went with him. It was the worst thing I have ever done! It was hot and windy. The dirt and hay was flying around and sticking to our sweaty skin, not to mention the crowd was a little strange. We didn’t stay to long it was really cheesy.

Any way back to my story…Joe, Foxy and I walked to check it out on our 78 degree bright sunny day. (The sun is hotter here for some reason it felt like 90 to us) There was a little sweating going on by the time we reached our destination and the dirt was starting to stick to my legs and feet. (Didn’t change my shoes still had my flip flops on) We started walking down the closed off street and noticed that people were dressed up and then this crazy marching band was coming at us. We both looked at each other and said this is a renaissance fair!!!

This is the kind of renaissance fair my dad would have liked – minus the turkey legs but they did have whole pigs roasting on spits. (Which I saw two girls today in the store carrying a whole piglet ready to be roasted and it grossed me out! not wrapped in paper wrapped in saran wrap with his legs tied up) Very traditional fair with a working black smith and a lady really making on of those chain male uniforms one link at a time.

The people though were crazy – I never knew Belgium had a large hippy population. It was absolutely crazy everyone was dressed up in costumes and stilt walkers. Of course the hippies were not in costumes they dress that way everyday – or not dress in some cases. I think it really freaked Joe out he mentioned that every woman there didn’t shave and the guys all played dungeons and dragons.

Anyway it was very interesting to experience that. So sorry we didn’t have a camera to show you what you missed.

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