Friday, May 30, 2008

parc paradisio

I'm dressed for the Party...oh wait the big one is next year.

For my birthday this year we went to Parc Paradisio. I have heard you can touch monkeys and want to see a monkey. (Unrelated to my relatives)

It was more than what I could have imagined for a Belgium animal park. It was on the grounds of an ancient abbey and was a wild animal park…no fences for many of the animals. I just have never seen such a park with birds, flowers, ruins and the largest aviary in Europe.

We didn’t get through the whole park but I would like to go back because they are building and expanding alot.

OHH and the monkeys we got to feed them. They handed you little live worms and the monkeys take them from you (climbing person to person)…There was a monkey that got on Joe’s shoulder and would not get off – I thought it was funny however he was like get this thing off me. Also he wanted me to hold on to my worms till everyone else feed theirs...they were moving too much. I couldn't hold on to them Gross!

Spider monkeys we feed - what a cutie!

baby goats eating my shoe laces, my coat and pants

I think people feed the fish alot.

Two crazy girls catching some rays – even the animals know when it is nice in Belgium
Not to mention Joe kept wanting me to move closer…no way.

Mommy & baby poking his head out of the pouch - we were standing above them leaning over a 6 foot drop with no fence...I was just thinking how many kids fall in there a day

Strangest bird we have ever seen

The pig on the right is soo pregnant her belly in dragging on the ground

A site you don't see every day.

Sleeping ring tailed lemurs -no fence they are less then 3 feet away.

O.K. I'm up now take the photo

Pretty peacock ! I have never seen a white one before...she was wandering around the parking lot...don't you think they are missing her inside the park? How did she get out ?? Can I take her home??

Joe took three photos of her this one he is missing her foot...the other the back of her tail ...the last one the top of her head is cut off...he stated that I'm just use to having the too much in a photo...

Then we did a little shopping for a purse...and Anne and Erin joined us for dessert.


Fran├žoise said...

Hello, I came to your blog via Kate Gilette's blog. I love your pictures of Venice: they made me want to jump on a plane and go. I also liked your entry on Memorial Day. When my older sons aged around 9 and 10 flew to Belgium for their first solo visit, my father took them to the cemetery near Bastogne where many GIs died during the last German offensive at the Battle of the Bulge. The boys were very affected by the great number of crosses and the fact that their grandfather CRIED while telling them of the wonderful brave young Americans who had died to free Belgium. It's good that don't forget the price they and their families paid. It's also what makes Europeans dig their heels in when draft, armies and war are mentioned, I think.
I'll come and visit from time to time. It's great fun to read about Belgium from an expat perspective!

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

Welcome Francoise!
My second cousins dad died in Bastogne and it was very moving to visit just knowing that I had a connection to the area.
Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

The pictures of the animals are so much fun,hard to believe you can walk around so close to them. You are braver than I would be.
I heard YSL died today. He told women "wear pants, I will make you look good." I guess he did. Mom