Thursday, May 22, 2008

A model dog

Last Friday we were walking in the Dorsoduro area along the canale della guidecca on zond zatter ai gesuiti (like a narrow board walk around the tip of the island) and stumbled upon a photo shoot. We just glance at it for a moment and then kept walking.

What our map doesn’t show is that there was construction going on blocking the way so we could not follow our original plan of walking around the tip of the island. We turned around and went back by the photo shoot.

Then I heard this voice trying to stop us, when I turned around I saw it was the photographer. She asked can we use your dog for our photo shoot.

Thinking my dog a model…sure and then handed Foxy to the model. I was directing foxy to look different ways and to look intelligent. I felt just like a stage mom. She did show me some of the photos and she did close-ups on some shots - yes foxy looked really cute in them.

Joe was snapping photos behind the photographer when ever she would take some. On there walk back to the other photographer we heard her say "look what we got!" Joe and I just smiled knowing what she was talking about.

I know what you are thinking...yes thesse things only happen to me.

Here are some photos from the same area:

You can see another islands across the canal

Foxy's new friend Nadine - her dad is an artist and we bought one of his prints

Grandma watching the boats go by - the little guy is checking us out.

This says that you get fined for not picking up the dog's poo in the fine print.

Window shopping


Kate G. said...

Hana can say that she knew Foxy before Foxy was famous.

Anonymous said...

Foxy is so good about having her picture taken she knows what to do when she sees a camera. Too bad you don't know what the pictures will be for. Mom

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

Yes my crazy dog loves the lime light. The best photos of her are yet to come.