Friday, March 7, 2008


My French classes started up again. I was a little nervous going to class due to the fact I haven’t studied in a while and have been talking a lot with people where English is their mother language.

My new class is going to be hard my professor is really good and does not let me mispronounce anything…huge problem for me. The hardest word for me to say is The United States (des Etats-Unis) pronounced (day zay-tah-zoo-nee). If anyone has a hint on how to say that in French please let me know. Back to my professor…she writes French books and we are now using one of hers. I liked using my old book, plus my friends in higher levels could help me with test and finals. But she is really good and I will learn a lot from her, not promising I will pass the first time though.

I have flip-flopped my days of the weeks and hours so much the past years that I’m now taking classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 – 11:45. This meant I might not have any one I knew in my class, but I have 2 girls that I know and like. Rosa from Peru and Pery from the country we invaded a couple years ago. Yes she moved to Belgium 6 years ago, she first learned Flemish and now is working on her French and English. Since first meeting her in September her English has greatly improved. I admire so many of the people in my classes; they can speak so many different languages. This one girl last semester spoke 6 fluently. The average language is 3 that my class mates speak. Amazing!

The people in my class now don’t speak that much English which is good it forces me to try and talk to them in French but when two beginners are communicating we don’t say much but Ca Va. The girl that sits next to me is very patience with my French – she doesn’t know any English and is from the other county that starts with an I and ends with an N. Yup that is right…I’m sitting right in the middle of Iraq and Iran. How crazy is that. My classes have always been like a mini united nations. I have met someone from almost every county in the world, some nice and some not so nice.

I have a test on Tuesday that I need to get ready for…Au revoir!
photo from December 2007

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