Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time Flies...

July 21st will mark our second year in Brussels. We are at the point where we run into people we know at the stores, on the bus, on the street and for Foxy around the etangs d’ixelles. (The ponds by our house) I am so lucky I have not met anyone here that has said “I don’t need anymore friends I have enough” like I had happen to me in Minneapolis. I just can’t imagine ever having too many friends, and feel very fortunate to have as many as I do all over the U.S. and now the world.

Unfortunately we are also at the point where our friends we have met here in Brussels are returning back to the USA.

On Saturday night we had an “au revoir” dinner for Kate & Jim. They are heading back to the good old U S of A in the beginning of April and will be missed. (Kate is across from me in the photo and Jim is across from Joe. Anne is next to me and Kevin is across from her)

Bon Voyage mes amies!!

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