Monday, March 10, 2008


Last Saturday morning Foxy and I walked to the market down the street to get some flowers. Our house smells so good right now; I wish you could smell it through the computer. I got a bargain 50 flowers for 10 euros (or $15.00). Then we did the normal weekly trip to the grocery store. I will write and tell you about that some other rainy day. After they food was put away we were off to do some shopping.

My original plan was to go to Maastricht, Holland for The European Fine Art Fair or TEFAF. I saw an article on it in the March issue of Town & Country. They have 220 dealers all in one place. However I showed the article to Joe and he was stuck on the phrase “Museum-quality shopping”. Followed by the comment that "we were going to look and not buy". So we loaded up Foxy and went regular people shopping. We drove all over the Flanders region of Belgium looking at stores for treasures. Yes I know the fun is in the adventurer but when you find that certain something special, it is worth it.

Here are two of our really good finds. The first one is a painting by Emile Lammers (1914-1990) from what I can find out she is a famous Belgian painter from the Flemish region. Not only do I love the painting, love the metal plaque on the frame but I think it looks like a painting mom would do (or has done).

The next one is by E Patris (1909-1981) called l’accident. He also was a Belgian artist from the town of Namur. I can’t find too many painting that he did but I did see a lot of sculptures on the internet.

We stopped in a town called Asse, and had dinner then we saw almost across the street a flock of fluffy sheep with one black one. So we pulled off the road to watch them and show Foxy. Then we noticed that there were two baby lambs that could hardly walk and then they decided it was dinner time too and went to mom. I wish I had my camera with to show you how cute they were.

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nyumix said...

Thanks for showing your Patris Painting. Its indeed unique.

I have one here (currently for sale)

Not promoting it, just want to share

Greeting from Belgium