Wednesday, June 11, 2008

AGHHH French tests!

Sorry for not posting lately...I'm studying for my french finals. I have a written test where I have to write 3 brief stories. One in passe compose, one in future and the other in imperatif.

Then I have my oral exam where I have to talk to my professor for 15 mins. I think it will be 2 minutes cause I'm not good at talking with her. OHH also a listening part too. (like I can even write correctly in english)

Also I'm stressing cause we are now going to Greece for 8 day over christmas. We are spending a couple days driving around then having 4 days in Athens. However I think the whole world is going to be in Athens cause I can't get a hotel room not to mention not many accept Foxy. We will be staying there for New Year Eve. Which from what I can find out looks like a big deal there with fire works and everything.

Here is a photo of Joe's weekend find. You can't see but under the #6 it says "made in the USSR" for 3 euros it makes him happy. Me on the other hand it ticks sooo loudly I may go insane.

Oh well back to french!


Kate G. said...

Good luck on those exams, girlfriend! (All those French classes I took in Brussels are worthless out here. I should have studied Spanish.)

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

Yes i often think I should be taking spanish too but you know I want to take Italian. (cause that too will be helpful in the US)
My test today i think went o.k. i have my oral on tuesday then the results on thursday. I'm not planning on passing anyway - i'm taking it over even if i do pass.

Françoise said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my site. 'tis the exam season: I have to take my citizenship exam this morning so I can vote in November and protect my descendants from further political harm!
Felicitations pour votre succès en français. Vous avez beaucoup de courage et je sais que ce n'est pas facile!