Thursday, June 19, 2008

French 2

It is official I did not pass French 2 but if you remember in March I told you I wasn’t going to pass. Now my problem is registering for the class again. They only accept ID cards that are valid through September or October and mine expires at the end of August. Last year I bugged the guy at the commune every week to see if I could re-new my card and I have the name of the lady at the school that helped me last year. I guess it will be the same old thing this year. All I want to do is take a French class why is it so difficult.

Today we were in small groups talking and my teacher asked me if there are waterfalls in International Falls. I did my best to explain there was a dam there now, however the girls from the Netherlands thought I meant damn the swear word and was very confused. I finally broke down and got a dictionary to show my teacher the word for dam then she explained it for the other girls in French. This small misunderstand lead to the bad word discussion of “shit” and “damn”. Oh and Joanne wanted to know what “bull shit” meant. Thank goodness we didn’t get to the f-word.

Then after class I went for lunch with some of the girls. Joanne from china but she has lived in Brussels for 30 years but speaks very little English so between French and English we communicate. She is really funny and we giggled all during class today. One thing we laughed at was I thought she was talking about china town in Brussels so I asked where it was…but she was talking about a restaurant called china town. I also joined Sylvia from Bulgaria and Shawn who is from the US. My friend Rosa (from Peru) had to leave class early.

I’m very fortune to have the chance to meet all these wonderful people from different countries. (and try and show them Americans are good) Most of them are here in Brussels because their husbands are big shots for the embassies or have important jobs in the European Commission (EU). Maria from my class her husband is the head of defense from Slovenia. Not to mention with all these connections from differnt countries they help me plan my trips to their countries.

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Tomate Farcie said...

Actually the very first words people want you to teach them in a foreign language are the cuss words they couldn't learn in school. That's why I don't mind using them when I do bilingual posts on the blog ;) I know people are curious. Plus they are part of the language, so they couldn't be all that bad.

Hey, I feel for anyone having to learn French as a second language. masculine or feminine? arggh, that's enough to drive anyone up the wall. If that makes you feel any better, German has a neutral, too in addition to masculine and feminine.

Bye for now.