Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not her self

(photo taken before back problem)

Thursday when I got home from my written French final Foxy was acting a little strange and very quite. Then Friday She was keeping to her self and I went to pick her up and she yipped. She wanted to lie on the floor on her furry rug and wanted nothing to do with me. At dinner time she didn’t even jump for her food…then I knew something was wrong. I called the vet and got an appointment for the next day.

At the Vet – which by the way they have updated with a TV in the waiting room and a new sign. The Vet is a little strange just like the doctors office in Europe there is no receptionist you just buzz the door of a house and they let you in. Then you sit in a waiting room till they come out for you.

Telling the doctor the normal questions she eats, drink and the poo is good, he looks at me strange and says she is sick…Yes she is not herself. After I put her on the exam table right away he said it is her back…then he found the exact vertebra that is causing her pain. He gave her a shot to help with the pain then I was instructed to put 4 drops of this anti-inflammation drug on her food for 5 days then call them and report on her condition.

Here is the hard part…NO LONG WALKS FOR THE WEEKEND also we found this info on the web.

Dog back problems are not uncommon. In particular, a disease called Intervertebral Disk Disease is often seen in small dog breeds. Intervertebral Disk Disease is a very serious condition and results in intense pain and possibly even paralysis.
Treatment, depending on the severity of the condition, can include anti-inflammatory medications, an extended period of crate rest, or even surgery

The other problem here is NO JUMPING PERIOD. Well how do you explain to Foxy not to jump she has springs built into her paws…not to mention jumping off the couch and bed. So basically I have been pulling my hair out trying to stop her from jumping. Joe suggest putting Velcro on her feet…She is still in pain I can tell and I will have to make an appointment for when we go home for them to check her out.

The happy news is that on Sunday at the market…the flower man gave her a flower. How cute was that…no not to me he handed it right to Ms. Foxy.

I will keep you posted on her condition but if she had surgery it will be in the states when we are home…but then my trip may get extended because I don’t know what kind of recovery process there will be.

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