Friday, June 13, 2008

A Cap

Today when I was in the club working out I remember I need to get a swim cap. The other week when my friend Anne came to the club with me for a girl’s day of exercise, sauna and relaxing by the indoor-pool , I mentioned that I wanted to try swimming but didn’t want to hassle with getting my hair wet and have the extra time of fixing my hair at the club.

Being the particular person that I am, no plain rubber cap for me…I would like a swim cap with flowers on it like the synchronized swimmer wear. Anne just laughed and said her mom use to make her wear that kind when they were young.

Today I started my search a flowered swim cap…Yes I did find some. If you can believe this and you probably can, they are in style again. The website I found had their caps featured in Vogue (March ’08) and in Marie Claire magazines.

Yes mom I sent them to your house – but I will be taking them back to Brussels with me.

Here is the page from Vogue - I found my copy and scanned the page - I'm a little behind on my recycling.

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