Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blogger Blind Date

On Monday I met Francoise while she was in Belgium.  Many of you know she is a regular reader and leaves wonderful comments on this blog. 

We had a delightful afternoon at a patisserie in the neighborhood where she grew up. (i loved hearing her stories of the area and travel advice)

I look forward to visting with you longer next time you are in town.  Happy and safe travels back to the U.S. 

You can visit her blog by clicking here 

Kate we brought our camera's to take photos just for you. 


Anonymous said...

What fun to meet someone who you have been in contact with thru your blog. I'm sure she was interesting to visit with. Mom

Kate G. said...

Thanks for the pictures, ladies! You look so cute together!

Françoise said...

Hello from the Languedoc!

I have had such problems with my internet connection and France telecom, I can't even begin to tell you. In the meantime, I am collecting pictures and I will eventually post them!
SOON Ihope!