Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going Back

Hello or Bonjour - as we are getting packed and ready to head back to Brussels tomorrow here are a couple of my observations from our 3 weeks in the states.

(oh if you don't know, our computer died 2 days before we left and we got a new one just pray that it will work when we plug it in and we don't need belga com to come to our house cause it could be a long time)

When did the 16 oz sodas become 24 oz - do we really need sodas that big?

I finally go use to the highway signs in Europe stating the city as the direction to go - I have been all messed up driving here with North, South, East and West just tell me what city I'm heading towards.

Paying a lot of money for the doctor and vet visits - Brussels a exam and x-rays for Foxy was under 60 euros. I'm not even going to tell you how much that was here.

I have tried to eat as much yummy Mexican food as I could - the other food tasted like crap because my taste buds are very spoiled from Europe now.

I know there were more but my I can't remember right now.

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