Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's the simple things...

You may never think about bobby pins you just put them in your hair or if you Joe they are a nuisance and he throws them away if they lay around the house to long.

The other day I had my hair in a ponytail and my bangs that I’m growing out pulled on the side and pinned back with Bobby Pins.

Soon after I boarded the bus and sat down I got a tap on my back, and turned around to see this little old lady sitting there. She started to rattle off something really really fast in French. I did not understand a word, so I thought she wanted me to push the button so she did not have to get up. “Non” she said as I reached up to push it. Then I got something about buying something still confused she said “vous parle Francais” “Oui, je parle un peau Francais” I said. As she was pointed to the back of my head, whipping my head around like a dog chasing its tail trying to figure out what she was pointing at. Finally I heard “where did you buy the clips in your hair” in perfect English. My responds “these bobby pins?” totally confused at her fascination with them…” I bought them in the USA” Come to find out she has been looking all over for bobby pins and thought the USA was too far for her to go and get them.

I quickly took all 3 out of my bangs and handed them to her saying “pour vous Madame”. She lit up like I had just given her a million dollars. “Oh Madame Do you have enough for your visit here?” She said “Oui, Madame j’habite ici maintenant et I have plenty.”

She dug in her purse and took out her coin purse and wanted to show me that she was safely putting them away like valuable loose diamonds. She was very cute.

As she departed the bus still graciously thanking me for the pins; I was thinking “I wish I had more with me to give her”.

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