Monday, November 17, 2008

Athens day 1

Our trip started out rocky after almost being taken off our flight in Brussels due to the fact that there was 1 to many pets in the cabin of our flight. Yes that right the people sitting in front of us had a cat. After much debating in Dutch they had decided to let both of the pets stay on the plane. As both Joe and I could breath a little easier after that situation. (You know Joe was thinking that damn dog)
Then our plane from Amsterdam to Athens was encountering major head winds that made our flight a 1 ½ late. My schedule for Friday was getting totally thrown off. We hit the ground running and never slowed down the whole trip.
After checking in to our hotel (St. George Lycabettus) which was at up a little on the mountain Lycabettus.

View from our hotel balcony-score I just booked the hotel because they allowed dogs
We were staying a little ways up the first mountain in the distance. Take from the acropolis.

We headed down to Monastiraki Square for light dinner of Souvlaki at Thanassis. Which was wonderful. Then we walked to the central Market they were almost all closed up and checked out the fresh fish and fresh meats. Close by was Krinos where we had dessert.

My souvlaki sandwich 
Loukoumades - doughnut like things with hot honey drizzled on them

Being completely satisfied with our first Greek meal we walked to Syntagmatos/Parliament to see the Greek guards.
Joe took about 5 photos of the guards this night and they all are amazing photos good job honey

Next stop Lycabettus Mountain. Well we got there and a German couple was waiting to go up to the top and some how the German guy made a deal with the taxi driver to take all of up to the top. It all happened so fast that my head was spinning. Just another story for my blog I thought as we all piled in the taxi (Foxy too)
We took the funicular down and called it a night because tomorrow was another adventure for us.
The Funicular
view from the top-Acropolis in the distance
This photo is from the central market fish area-it is a shark head laying on the ground. Because it was the end of the day there was blood and fish slim all over the ground. Highly suggest getting there earlier so you don't have to walk through it.  I also hope they didn't catch the shark just for the fin for soup!  That is not right never eat shark fin soup! 


Anonymous said...

The sandwich is a gyros over here and the donuts look good too. They put honey on most of their sweets.
The pictures are great. So glad you got to see part of Greece. Mom

Jill, Joe and Foxy said...

mom these were not Gyros we had those the other days...this was grilled meat taken off a screwer and put in the pita. Not shaved meat off the rotiser thing.

Kate G. said...

Love the photo of the guard at Parliament, but I'm sorry that I saw that shark head photo just before lunchtime. Yuck!