Thursday, November 20, 2008

Athens day 3

After breakfast we noticed the streets were all blocked off and it was nice and quiet no horns honking or cars buzzing by.
We had no idea when I moved up the trip that the Athens Marathon was going on the 9th. The runners started and finished at the Olympic stadium. We just watched some of the 5k and Special Olympics’ runners come in.

We had to get to the Parliament for the changing of the guards that should have taken place at 11:00. But they started to clear out the square and we just happened to be there to get in the front. The show started at 10:20 – yes I know Greeks are late but this Sunday they were early, maybe for the marathon is the only thing I can think of.
a snack along the way-1 euro for a huge doughnut
It was normal to see men in these costumes-growing up we had greek items around the house.

We arrived at the National Archaeological Museum that was free for some reason unknown to us– which is not in a nice are of town. Just our opinion judging from the buildings, people and graffiti.

Some famous compass thing Joe was fascinated with
Very old vase

Then we walked through the national gardens.

For dinner we walked back down and got a yummy gyros and check out the tourist stores that were starting to close up. (yes darling brother I got you a flag)
View from the tourist shopping area where we ate our gyros
Dad you didn't tell me you have a store in Athens

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see the guards still wear the formal costume. The lady with her hand on her chest reminds me of the old Greek ladies from back in the day. Mom