Monday, November 3, 2008

Dog's Eye View by Foxy (of Prague)

A sign for the castle district - meaning I need to go into my bag and hide-I don' think I wanted to mess with the Czech Police they looked like they meant business. 
I love leaves! This was in Letenske Sady a huge park North East of the Castle District
Our hotel had a round glass elevator which amazed me
My new Czech friend - her mom was not happy we were playing and quickly came and got her
View from on top of Petrinske Sady Park with mom & dad 
Look mom no leashes required - Letenske sady park 
Czeching out the swans on Streleck Island - I loved this island we found and nobody was on it. I was allowed off my leash to run free for a long time. (we visited it both Saturday and Sunday) The Island is one brigde south of Charles Bridge the views from the island were amazing. 
Hanging out with mom sans leash at Streleck Island
Dad thought I need to pose by this sign however I was being a diva and would not sit still. 

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Anonymous said...

Foxy gave us a great tour. I'm betting she didn't want to get off the island. Mom