Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heir (Yesterday)

Yesterday in English heir in French…any way you say it my day was insane.
I started off to French class to inform my professor that I will not be attending any more classed. I actually was suppose to have an oral French exam that day-it was really quick. However on my way up to class on the bus I noticed a lot of police standing around and the huge bus with a water cannon on it. HMMM I thought what is going to happen today.

Construction I walk by to get to French class -some days I feel like the frog in frogger to get through it all. 
The Graffiti I also walk by

Then Rosa and Joanna and I went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. Since Brussels is so international most of the Italian restaurants they speak Italian. (Which I love I feel like I’m in Italy for a couple hours) The problem with this is Joanna hardly speaks English but her French is wonderful. She could not read the menu that was in Italian and asked me to order her something. Rosa is speaks better French than I and broken English…but we all had a good time – trying to figure out what each other was trying to say.
Me, Joanna and Rosa
The truck that almost took us out as were walked out of class.  

Then I decided to walk home because the bus were on a different route and that makes me nervous – I’m never sure where it is going to take me. Half way down Chausse d’Ixelles there was a protest. AHHH that is what all the police were for. I asked a girl in French what was going on…all the immigrants (sans papers)that did not have papers were protesting. (Africans and Middle Eastern people from what I could see) I high tailed my little pale skin light hair body out of there and went to find the bus.

People watching the protest

The bus took me down Ave Louise then straight down to Flagey – or at least that was the plan…our bus hit a car. Of course I was sitting in the front seats and saw it happening. This would not have happened if they had stop sign or stop lights not this priority right thing.

The car the bus hit.

Oh well I ended up walking home any way. Where I stayed for the rest of the day.
Water Cannon in Flagey 
Police bus by Porte du Namur


Françoise said...

You are going to find Santa Clarita very tame after all this excitement!

BTW, here is some advice:
*don't live in a canyon however marvelous the views; they are fire traps
*don't live in a house surrounded by bushes or trees, the less vegetation, the better; same as above
* choose a place from which you cam get out heading N, S, E or W.
* get total replacement insurance for your belongings.
* Ask if your roof has been treated with fire retardant. It does help.
*Keep all of your important papers and belongings in the same place so you can just grab them and go.

This advice from my son & family who had to evacuate their home last year during the San Diego fires.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good advice Francoise has for you. Hope you can find that house. Mom

Jill, Joe and Foxy said...

Thanks for the advice.