Tuesday, September 23, 2008


There were a couple reasons Foxy & I needed to go to the airport on Saturday morning. Which is an easy trip if you do not have luggage. Via bus and a train.

(Foxy waiting for Joe)

The main reason was to meet Joe coming back from the US. 

Another reasons was our trip to Italy in November has been a nightmare since I started booking it and the nightmare only continues. The short story is that we booked a 5 day trip then the airline changed it’s route and had us leaving a day later and coming home a day earlier, so basically our 5 day trip turned in to 3 days. (With bad travel times) We got it changed so we had our original dates but were flying two different airline (changing in roma to fly Alitalia to Naples then on the way home flying from Naples to Milan on Alitalia)
Now if you have not heard the news Alitalia is not going to be able to fly past this month because of money problems they are saying. 
From Roma to Naples it is 1 ½ trains ride, so that is how we have decided to get to Naples. However from Naples to Milan is an 6 hour train ride and Joe thought that was too long for a train ride and that is why we cut it a day short to fly directly from Naples to Brussels. So that was why I had to change the tickets again.

While I was waiting for Joe down stairs I saw these guys come through that I knew something was up then a guy with technical equipment came by and stop with the other guys. HMMMM…they are with a band I said to Foxy. Then one of them turned around and I saw his jacket. It said “Snoop Dog” I tried to get my camera out of my bag before they started to leave but they were moving really fast with a huge body guard and a small Belgian guard from the airport (in the reflective vest below)…the photo is not the best – I was running while carrying Foxy and have an auto-focus camera that was taking long to focus. Any way I saw Snoop’s entourage in the airport…it is funny because when we saw the poster advertising Snoop coming to Brussels Joe and I were joking we should go.

this was them walking out the doors...

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