Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Day

This is what I wore to my first day of French class…I haven’t had my picture taken for the first day of school for a long time.

(navy pants by Zara, sweater & tank top by J.Crew and shoes by Paolo. it was also 49 degree when I left the house)

I was very happy that 3 of my other friends were in my class. Rosa from Peru, Martina from the  Czech Republic and Joanna from Vietnam/China. The only one who speaks English is Rosa and just a little bit.

I did have the usual people from countries that start with I’s that we are at odds with and in their country. There are two new countries that I have never had in my class that make me a little nervous. The country that starts with an "A" and has an old bad man with a beard is hiding in it and Kosovo. Today we had to draw and explain what our country is known for. The girl from the "A" country drew the old bad man with a beard with a tank…I drew the statue of liberty with out the book in her hand and it was pointed out by Martina. So I quickly added it. This could be an interesting mix in my class giving the state of the world today.

Also Joanna made me eat these little fruits. They are called longan not sure what they are called in English. They were ok but she kept giving them to me so I took some home.

You have to peel the outside off then eat the clear part and spit the seed out. 


Kate G. said...

Cute first day of school outfit!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Lychee

Jill, Joe and Foxy said...

It could be a lychee, I'm not sure i have ever seen one.

For my outfit i had something else in mind but this darn weather hinders my creativity in putting an outfit together.

The other day Joe busted me looking at evening wear online - wishing i had some where warm and fancy to go. It's only september i have many more cold months to go.

Anonymous said...

You should have had your picture taken going out the front door like all your k-12 pictures are. I love the idea of it anyway.Mom