Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Car Day

This was our 3rd time to experience no car day on Sunday. If you have not heard of this before it is when the whole city of Brussels is free of cars! 

It is a fun day but for me who only rides once a year it is hell. I thought we could ride towards a bead store by the Marolles market, I forgot that meant I had to go up a big hill and ride on avenue Louise.

You have to navigate the narrow streets with slow little kids, adults and teenagers zooming in and out not to mention Horses all packed on the street.  I just need to remember that I need to stick to the quieter streets next year.

Yes that is a horse

Foxy on the other hand loved it. We upgraded from last year's vintage milk crate zipped tied onto Joe's bike to a new basket with a cover so she could not jump out or go flying out if Joe got into and accident.  

Hi Grandma! 

The castle is free of scaffolding. 


Yes Donkeys by the Marolles at a cafe - only in Brussels

Busy & Crowded Ave Louise


Kate G. said...

Love that new bike basket for Foxy!

Anonymous said...

Hello to you to Foxy! The cage part must open up so you don't have to take it off to get her out. Looks good. She seems to like it. Maybe you should rent a horse or a donkey for next year. Mom