Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sunday morning I had a thought yes I know that is scary. Where could we go so Joe would have wind to fly his kite? Hummm The Sea of course. So we packed up and drove to just east of Oostende, Belgium. I know that sounds far but it was only an hour and half if that away. Belgium has 42 miles of coastline on the North Sea. Really nice sand where we were, just like Florida. (photo below taken above the beach on a nice edge of the dune)

Ostend (Oostende in Flemish) is called the “the Queen of Belgian Seaside Resorts” Basically it is like a Florida beach community with condos every where and bunches of people on the boardwalk. We were really lucky to drive past the craziness the first time and go out of the city and find a quiet area on the beach.

condo in Ostend

If you ask me this is my favorite and I mean favorite activity we have done in Belgium…I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner…oh yeah the weather and the traffic coming back from Ostend some times can take up 4 hours with all the people coming back to the city. (There is a train but who wants to haul all the crap on the train)

Foxy in heaven with the sun and sand

The only problem was that there was too much wind for this kite, it kept spinning around then would crash to the ground. Joe almost took out a nice family of 3 on one crash landing.

Hope you enjoy the photos and hopefully there will be more in the future it was a nice place to spend some time.
Crazy Belgians it is not that warm to be swimming!

How cute is she playing in the sand

Cabanas or Joe called them the Belgian Fishing Houses

Me in flip-flops in Belgium!


Kate G. said...

Much as I love our Colorado mountains, I miss being so close to a real beach (and seeing guys wearing Speedos!).

Jill, Joe and Foxy said...

the beach was fun...I can't wait to go back.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would have thought you took the pictures at our beach in Fl. It looks so much like our white sand , we don't have the cabanas but other than that you could have fooled me. Foxy is in her glory, she knows how to live. Have you been to the beach much? Probably not with your wet and cool weather.Mom