Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Friday night we thought we would go to the drive-in that only happeneds in the summer at Parc du Cinquantenaire. This year the sponsors bought a bigger screen and they allow walk-ins. This is our third year of attending these movies and we love going.

This time however we planned on getting there at 8:00 but with phone calls and everything we left the house at 8:45 the movie starts at 10:00. To make a long story short they were sold out when the line finally got up to the spot where you pay.

So we found a parking spot rented chairs and watched “Sex and the City” outside on folding metal folding chairs. I was dressed for the weather however Joe was not, but he made it through the cold night and the movie for me. You know if it wasn’t that movie we might have just gone home.

Funny part I almost forgot…there were 3 teenage girls sitting next to us on the curb under a blanket. Well Foxy looked at my lap then looked at the blanket…the next thing she was on one of the girls lap all curled up on the blanket. Crazy dog, I could hear their mom saying “what is going on in French” then the girl was saying there is a dog on my lap. Foxy always adds excitement to things.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, were most of the people at the movie Americans or do all people over there know about the show?
Foxy knows how to get her way and be warm. Mom