Thursday, July 10, 2008

boxes, trailers and Vans oh my!

In keeping with the neighborhood theme this week on the blog, I thought I would mention 2 of my English speaking neighbors are leaving. The nice Italian family from Roma with the airdale that Foxy likes and Stephan & Alexandra they are a cute couple that has two little boys. Also She is from Paris and helped me with what I should see & where we should eat the first time I went to Paris. Stephan is from Germany I’m not sure where though.

Yesterday and today there has been a flurry of activity with vans, truck and men at both houses which make me a little sad. I know our time maybe up next summer or anytime after that and it will be our turn to say “merci au revoir”!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, It's always hard to see friends move,even new ones. Hope your new neighbors will be fun people and friendly.Mom