Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music on July 21st

Yesterday when I arrived at the festivities there was a band playing “sweet home Chicago” and then another song about America that I forgot the name of. I really need to start carrying a pen and paper to write things like this down my memory is going to pot!

Later the band picturced above was playing the song "hooray for the red, white and blue". I understand Belgium does not have it’s own kind of music like for example; Spanish guitars, Ireland’s jig, Scottish bag pipes, people that yodel and I could go on but my point is that did the bands have to play songs that related to the USA? It is July 21st Belgium's Birthday not the 4th of July. Yesterday I did watch the parade on t.v. and the band playing did a good job with the music selection...I didn't recognized one song! I do have to admit I was flipping between the parade and "Purple Rain" in french. Between with the song Sweet Home Chicago and Purple Rain the universe is getting me ready for my trip back home next month. (destinations of Chicago & Minneapolis)

I also heard the big booms of the fireworks at 11:40ish last night. I was looking out all our windows but I couldn't see them.

This photo below is part of the parade...I took a picture of our t.v. Yes I'm aware that is a little strange but oh well. the photo is of when the King was arriving.

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Anonymous said...

I guess people all over like our American songs. Mom