Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement in Paris has the famous church of Scare Coeur, Moulin Rouge, and the house Van Gogh lived in just to name a few sites.

Foxy sitting pretty for her drawing at place du tertre.

Van Gogh's house on Rue Lepic

More Artists at place du tertre

Dirty dog laying in the street-as Joe was taking this photo the owner yelled out of the cafe "5 euros pour un photo" I just laughed at him and said "5 euros non, non"

This is one of things that makes learning French worth it! The little old ladies love Foxy and love to chat about her and other things. I'm so fortunate I get to enjoy this little piece of French Life that other tourist do not.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you can understand and speak enough French that you can talk to all those little ladies and that Foxy loves the attention. Mom