Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm slipping

So when I lived in Minneapolis I was always on top of bands coming to town and got the best tickets. Since moving to Brussels it is a big challenge to find out who is in concert or events due to lack of advertising not the language. They advertise on little posters stuck up around the city and if you don't see them the week or day that they are up it too late.

So I was looking on You Tube for Place Flagey to see if any put on a clip about the opening events and found this. MOBY was at Cafe Belga in May!! I loved one of the comments someone put "I only live 5 mins away didn't know this was happening" that was my very thought also...only 5 minutes away I can hear the bands in the Summer outside playing, how in the heck did I miss this!!!! One of the clips on you tube was of the outside, 100 people partying away ...

Cafe Belga I was always told is the "hottest" place to we have never been there. It is in the building they shot the fireworks off of (see post farther down) It is a Place Flagey week on the blog.

Enjoy this clip...sorry I wasn't more on the ball to see it in person! For more click here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I think it is so interesting that so many bands from the US go to Belgium to tour. They have no trouble selling out without any promotions. Happy you get to see some of them. Mom