Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last Friday Anne and I attended the “midis” which is a noon time concert at the Conservatory in Brussels. The building it’s self is gorgeous and we got there in plenty of time to get a prime spot-the upper opera box seats next to the stage.

I wasn’t sure about the days performance “take four guitar” I had strange images in my head of folk or something like that.

They started off with Tchaikovsky, and they had me at the first stroke. They were playing the guitars like harps plucking and holding them between there legs. It was absolutely amazing. Here are some of the songs they played-sorry they are in French I can translate some. Overture miniature, danse de ls fee-dragee (dance of the sugar plum fairy) danse russe trepak (dance of Russian trepak), danse des mirlitions and valse des fleurs (Flute and the flowers or something like that) all by Tchaikovsky. The other composers were Chostakvich (a waltz, fox trot and polka) Komitas – 3 popular Armenian dance songs. Khatchaturian- Danes des juenes fille en rose (the dance of young girls in pink) Danse du saber (dance of the swords you would know this one if you heard it.)

Then we enjoyed lunch and window shopped. It was so much fun I might go again today-they are Monday-Friday at noon from July1 through August 29.

Then Saturday night it was movie night. Anne & Erin came over to watch “Casanova” with the late Heath Ledger. It was fun to see the sites in Venice, that were still fresh in my mind from our May trip. All 3 (4 if you count Foxy) of us were during the movie were say “we were there”. There were scenes where the bishop in an office with ornate cravings and windows with circles. Inside that building they filmed a lot – Joe, Foxy and I were in it just by accident and to this day I don’t know what building it was. Something about a religious school anyway they allowed foxy in as long as I held her. Nobody was in the place and I couldn’t even tell you where we were, but it was really nice.

Here are some photos from the place in Venice that was in the movie... Hope everyone enjoys their up coming weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm happy you're getting to see so many art forms while you're there. You'll be saying "I saw that" alot after you come back to the US. Mom