Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Our New Year’s resolution was to get one picture, poster, or photo framed a month. Well it is the beginning of July and a couple weeks ago we brought in 6 pictures to get framed!! Last Saturday we picked up the last 4 of the 6.

Shown are 2 of the 4 that we picked up. We purchased the pictures months ago at an antique store; they were in an old cheap wooden frame with mold growing in and on the pictures. I really like the waiter man with the moustache, but it would be strange to get only one of pics-we thought the grouping of 3 looked nice however I felt the last picture would be lonely left alone so we got all 4. They have a certificate of authenticity from a gallery in Paris dated in 1979. The artist only made 285 of each picture, and they are hand signed. Now I must say they look like they are worth a million bucks compared to the old mold things we took home.

It was nice outside so I photographed them in our back garden...thought you might like a change from the photos on the stairs all the time. I'm sure my neighbor were wondering what I was doing.

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