Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"In Bruges"

Is an good movie if you have ever been to or lived in Belgium…however it is very violent, politically incorrect, the “F” word is every other word out of Ray’s mouth and they should have left out one very bad joke. (that is my disclaimer)

Short explanation of the movie…2 hit men told to hide out in Bruges for 2 weeks and site see. You can see the trailers on You Tube that explain more about the movie.

Joe and I saw this movie Saturday afternoon and were laughing along with the other people in the theater. If I had never lived here or been to Bruges this movie wouldn’t make any sense to me… I think it was released in the states last spring and not sure how it did in the box office.

Quotes from the movie:

Ken: You from the States?
Jimmy: Yeah. But don't hold it against me.
Ken: I won't. Just try not to say anything too loud or crass

Ray: I didn't even know where Bruges was.
[long pause]
Ray: It's in Belgium.


Kate G. said...

Jim and I agree--we wouldn't have "gotten" most of the movie if we hadn't lived in Belgium and visited Bruges.

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

there were some parts i was crying from laughing so hard.